Health and Play in the London Plan

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Greater London Authority

Holly was responsible for embedding health into the London Plan and worked closely with colleagues in public health to ensure that the plan delivered this in a comprehensive way.

Health and Play in the London Plan
Health and Play in the London Plan

The London Plan begun a full review in 2016, which Holly worked on. A strategic policy titled ‘Creating a healthy city’ now sits at the front of the the plan and encourages the consideration of health within new developments right from the outset. This ensures that health forms a key part of the ‘good growth’ agenda that is at the core of the plan.

Transport policies now focus on the ‘healthy streets’ approach and a people first approach when planning for getting around. A policy on hot food takeaways attempts to address concerns around healthy eating and particular concerns regarding children’s health. The policy proposes restricting hot food takeaways around schools.

Health and Play in the London Plan

The policy on play and informal recreation shifts some of the text that was previously only in guidance into the policy itself. Holly has strengthened the policy wording, which now makes reference to the wider neighbourhood as a place for play and to ensuring that streets are safe for children. It also incorporates a benchmark of a minimum of 10 square meters of playspace per child.